Thursday, August 22, 2013

Where’d I leave the baby?

I missed my flight today. No, it wasn’t because of traffic. It wasn’t car trouble. I can’t even blame it on the kids this time. It was my acts-like-a-90-year-old memory. How does that happen? How could I forget what time my flight was.

Wish I could say this was an isolated incident, but I’m losing my memory faster than dad’s losing his teeth.   Here’s a glimpse of how my memory is wreaking havoc on my life:
  • I show up on the wrong day for doctor’s appointments and blame it on my damn iPhone calendar.
  • I get half-way through my shower and forget whether or not I washed my hair.
  • I forget I’m cooking. I have to set a timer-alarm to remind me there’s food on the stove;
    except I usually forget to set the alarm.
  • I forget what the kids asked me a minute ago. What’d ya say, you young wiper-snapper?
  • I never remember where I’m driving. If it weren’t for my lovely Australian GPS man, I’d be wondering the streets of neighboring towns wondering if I was late for something.
Hey, maybe all those stress dreams are really premonitions of times to come. You know the dreams…  The one where your sitting in school, remembered the homework, forgot the clothes.

Or my personal favorite: the one where you forgot something at the beach – frantically digging in the sand – I’m pretty sure I left the baby here a minute ago…

If my memory is any gage of my actual age, then I’m gunna need depends before the year is out.

How has your mind failed you lately?

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