Thursday, June 21, 2012

Calm Down. It's Not A Crack Pipe!

And the woman toting a designer bag and high-fashion sunglasses approaches me in the A&P parking lot. 

She snarls, “You really shouldn't let your kids sit on the roof of your car."

She’s acting like I’m sharing a crack pipe with them.  Obviously, I’m not a kid.  I don’t have a damn clue why sitting on the roof of the car is fun, but it is. 

"Lighten up. What’s the harm?"

Here are some other things I let my kids do:
  • Jump off of the second floor balcony onto the couch
  • Draw with soap crayons all over the windows
  • Climb out their bedroom windows and sit on the roof
  • Drink coffee
  • Shoot my bird house with airsoft guns
But, more importantly, here are the things I don’t let my kids do
  • Bully other kids
  • Disrespect grownups
  • Drink mountain dew, Monster, or Beer
I’ve seen lots of disrespectful little bullies in the schoolyard these days.  Maybe parents should reconsider what bad behavior is.

What do you let your little brats do?

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