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Wonderfully Dysfunctional -
It Must be Genetic
A Memoir by Buffi Neal

The true story of...

A gypsy mother who refused to wear a bra and a father who had two wives. A brother who slept under the coffee table and a sister who was kidnapped. A cheating minister, a missing uncle and a feisty red-headed grandmother who was longing to leave it all.

I always knew my family was unusual, but I was lucky enough to have escaped that gene. Or was I? In a nursing home, seated next to my dying grandmother, I looked around at my family and it occurred to me that I fit right in. No bra, dirty sneakers and two ex husbands. Maybe it really is genetic - maybe I never had a chance.

On a journey to find normal, I found myself instead.

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About the Author

I am a writer and mother of two currently living in a small town in central New Jersey. I earned a Master of Computer Science from Lehigh University. I also hold a Bachelor of Science degree in both Mathematics and Physics.

I am the second oldest of five children. Growing up poor, without the luxury of nice clothes, heat or even toilet paper, gave me inner strength and perseverance. I worked my way through college by cleaning houses, was awarded an academic scholarship, and went on to become CEO of a successful business. My life is full of unique experiences that color my stories.

Like many Americans, I lost a lot in the 2009 recession, but I'm now living happier with less.  In my time off of work, I wrote Wonderfully Dysfunctional - It Must be Genetic.  I'm told that it's very difficult for new authors to break into the industry, so I'm working hard to understand my readers.  Thanks for participating in my poll.

About the Poll 

The poll is used to understand the demographic for my book.
I am so very grateful for all of the support.  To date, over 1,300 people have taken the poll!  As always, please support me with your honesty.