Thursday, April 1, 2010

It's only a matter of time

I was walking out of the bagel store yesterday and noticed a car parked crooked. The back end was all the way over the white line into another parking space. Don’t you HATE that? I was secretly having a discussion with the driver saying things like:

“Did your five year old park the car for you?” and “Did you get hit over the head with a baseball bat today?”

But then it happened. I realized the parked car was mine! But here’s the really terrible part – it was not the first time this week I did that. What’s wrong with me? Now I’m saying to myself:

“It’s only a matter of time.” and “You’re only as old as you act.”

This is how it all begins. First I started peeing my pants every time I laughed, now I can’t park straight and before you know it I’ll be on line for the early-bird specials at the local Perkins.

And then one day, when I’m not paying attention, I'll run one of my kids over…

OK… don’t get freaked out – I’m in a parking lot here and my daughter is acting. We were laughing so hard I peed my pants - really!

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  1. Peeing while laughing? What can you do about that? I guess it "Depends"...

  2. LOL! My husband parked like that the other day. I told him I was ashamed to get into the car with him!

  3. Stopping in for friday follow! I am following!

  4. Happy Friday!! I am a New Follower!!

    Have a Great Easter Weekend!!!

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  5. You book looks great, and you look like a lot of fun to be around!~ Following you from the friday blog hop, hope to see you over at my blog:)! Happy Easter!

  6. You do not have to rush out to the early bird specials until you drive a really big old Cadillac and wear those wrap around sunglasses. Your book sounds FAB! Totally the kind of n=book I read.


    PS-Grabbing your button!

  7. Your story is so fun and so true. So many of us have to cross our legs when we sneeze or laugh (but who talks about it) and it seems that parking crooked or remembering where I put my keys seems to be common nature- - - and me too I'd have a basketball team, but I am getting old and my husband is getting scared of more kids :)- so I love my 2 and if a 3rd happens than coolness. Thank you also for sharing your personal stories. My mom has 'stories' or realities that she wishes she could right down or even talk about- I know it must be therapeutic and rewarding to know that it is helping others!I look forward to more reading!

  8. haha! I got a little scared when I first saw the pic! Glad it was a joke. ;)
    I'm guilty of parking crooked when I'm in a hurry, and getting bugged at other cars who do it! lol

    Thanks for stopping by Gerber Days, and I'm following you right back!

  9. I got a note on my windsheild when I was a teenager about my awful parking...FULL of swearing and insults. I still think about it when I park like a dork (and admittedly, I still do from time to time). A fabulous parker I will never be... :)

  10. i love your raw honesty... it completely drives me crazy when people park crooked, but we're all guilty of it.. just discovered your blog love it.. thanks for stopping by mine..

  11. Now that was funny! Personally I park that way on purpose to keep others from parking too close to me!

  12. That picture is awesome! No wonder you were both laughing so hard!