Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What's She Thinking?

My daughter took this picture using the timer on her camera. She edited it with picnik.  How I wish I had the creativity of a child.  What's she thinking?  Only two weeks left of summer vacation.

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    Love your blog. I just voted for your book to be published. Good luck :) I'm a new follower from Welcome Wednesday and so glad that I found you.

  3. Good Luck!!!!

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    Good luck with your book. I am so envious, being a novelist is my dream, and you are going to live it.
    I will be back to your blog to follow your journey!

  6. Hello!! Thanks for following!! Following you back!! HAHA!! I totally know what you mean about wanting to be "young" and do things you use to do when you were "young" but when given the opportunity to do back down!! awwww...if only we could combine the good parts of being young and the good parts of being older....

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  8. Thanks for visiting my blog! I used to want to be a writer, then my life happened to me and I stopped writing. :( Your daughter's pictures are pretty neat--Picnik is a great site. I'm following you now, too.

  9. Wow, good luck & I hope a great success for your book
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    Citra @ innocentua

  10. Love the idea for your book - can't wait to read it. The picture is awesome ~ your daughter is as creative as her mama!!

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  11. I have posted a link to your site on my facebook... I am hoping that you will get many more people for your poll... Following and supporting you Buffi... Cheers :)))

  12. Sounds like an interesting family! I would read it! Thanks for participating in Follow Me Wednesday! I'm your newest follower!

  13. Yes, I would definitely buy your book. Good luck! (Put in a good word with the publishers for me, would you? Haha!)

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  14. Wow, lovee your blog, and I want to check out your book!
    I actually have a collaborative blog called --- stories about growing up, and beginnings in general, told in a variety of formats.
    I would love for you to submit material, if you feel compelled!! Let me know what you think..
    Thanks so much. Take care!

  15. You're daughter did a wonderful job at this!! She is so creative...I have a feeling, she get's that from MOM :)