Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I Wish Mom Wore a Bra

My son said to me, “Why do you always wear grey?”

I said, “Because I like to wear grey.”

When I was a kid, I wished my mom wore poodle skirts and sweater sets. I wished she wore a checkered apron and she served us home cooked meatloaf dinners. Hell, I wished she just wore a bra when she met my teachers.

Maybe my kids wish I were different. Maybe they wish I looked like the women in magazines. Like that girl who married Tom Cruise – she always looks put together. They should sign me up for “What Not to Wear” and I could show all the viewers just how inept I am at looking the way a woman should look. They’d cut my hair and buy me a hounds-tooth jacket with matching designer shoes and I’d look perfect. Right?

Probably. But I don’t want to look perfect. I’d rather feel perfect and I'd rather let my kids see the real me. The me that wears grey sweatshirts to parent-teacher conferences. The me that spells worse than a third grader. And the me that has worn the same hairstyle for the past twenty years.

Do I still wish my mom was different? Sometimes. I still wish she wore a bra more. But wearing her ripped jeans and second-hand specials, my mother taught me to ignore the judgment of others.

Do I wish I was different? Sometimes. But most of the time I’m quite happy to be me. Ripped jeans, t-shirt, and a no-name I-forgot-where-I-put-it pocketbook. And sometimes… when I want to… I break out the designer outfit and kick-it Vogue-style. Just for me.

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  1. My children definitely know the real me, and they love me anyway. I don't wear much gray, but I have been known to go grocery shopping in a T shirt and shorts with oil paint spattered on them. Last year I cleaned out all my paint stained T shirts. When I realized what I had done, I freaked out! I went out and got some cheap T shirts and then I felt better.

    I have a new post out as of tonight. It's a little strange, but you might find it interesting. Then again, maybe not so much!

  2. Hi Buffi,

    I'm exactly the same. I want to look all trendy and fashionable and classy but...I like my jeans and trainers too much. That, and I seem to be the wrong size, height and things are in the wrong place etc for all the kind of outfits I like the look of lol.

    Hope all is going well.

  3. My kids just said to me the other day "you always wear the same stuff"" Ugghh Thats because I always have the same amount of money to work

  4. My mum is always asking why I wear so many dark colours. She lost the battle years ago trying to get me to wear yellow. Yellow simply is not my colour and it probably never will be - just a tiny splash is okay. Occasionally I'll buy other colours but the darks are here to stay!

    I found your blog from a recommendation on shewrites (what blog do you visit today).

  5. Love it! We all feel that way at some point or another, about our moms, about ourselves, even about our children when they decide that come hell or high water they're going to preschool with rip-knee'd jeans and a shirt that fit them last year.

    We are who we are. Some of us are just more comfortable in our own skin than others.

  6. Out hopping, following you now. Hope you'll stop by Lucy's when you get a chance.