Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Kids on the Bus Told Me...

Do you have a scrooge dragging down your holiday spirit? Or do you wish it was Halloween, so you could put on the witch costume? Are the radio stations, cranking out their Christmas tunes, making you feel like running your car into a tree? Or maybe buying DVDs, iPods and Kindles has you longing for simpler times, when parents gave gifts like sleds and bikes.

If so, maybe this story will bring you back to a trouble-free time in your life – a time when school was fun and spinach was disgusting. Think back to when your only worry was wondering if Santa got that letter you mailed him, and if he’d overlook that ball you chucked through the neighbor’s window. Remember? Remember waiting in line for your turn to tell the big guy that special gift you’d been wanting…since almost last Christmas, even?

My sister Randi was talking to her her eight year old son, Dean, and it went something like this:

Dean: “Mom, the kids on the bus told me there’s no such thing as Santa.”
Randi: “They don’t believe? Well, I feel sorry for them.”
Dean: “Mom. I’m not a little kid anymore, you know.”
Randi (fighting back tears): “I know. You’re a big boy.”
Dean: “You can't fool me.  I know the truth about Santa. All these Santas in the mall and on T.V. are fake.  The real Santa’s home making all the toys. Right, Ma?”
Randi: “Cant fool you, Deany.”

I found my Christmas spirit through the eyes of an eight year old. Where'd you find yours?

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  1. Christmas changes all the time for me. Now on my own and living in an apartment, I don't have the huge holiday parties and festivities anymore where I do everything. This year, I took all the baking stuff to my daughters and made the mess there. The grandkids loved it.

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  4. loved that story about little Dean....adorable!

  5. Thank you for following my blog and for your sweet comment!! I really would love to read your book! I think all families are dysfunctional in some way. Learning who we are in all of it is truly a gift!

  6. Thanks for stopping by! I'm your newest follower! Happy Holidays!!

  7. Buffi,

    How sweet was that... I am still waiting for the day my two come to me and ask. I think I will cry... I think in many ways I will always believe...

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  8. I think that's sweet. I, personally, think that Santa is too hyped up, and I don't really get the point in lying to your kids about a made-up man who basically commits a crime by breaking and entering. I just think the idea of Santa is a little silly, and I've actually contemplated - for whenever I have kids - not relaying the tradition of Santa to them, because I think it causes them more confusion than anything.

  9. Thank you so much for your honest post. It’s difficult to post true opinions – so Brava to you! It does seem cruel and pointless to perpetuate a tall tale – but the minds of children are not so logical – they are magical. Not only do they believe a man would make it his entire life’s mission to bring joy to children, they also believe they will be firemen, presidents and superheroes when they grow up. Santa teaches children there are still people in this world that think of others. Although I disagree with your opinion, I think you will make a good parent because you’ll use your own judgment instead of blindly following the crowd. Keep that part of you – it’s special. I can’t recall how many times I said, “I’ll never do that,” to later find myself doing just that. So, don’t be mad if you ever find yourself standing in line waiting to put your little angel on the lap of that red-suited thief!
    Happy Holidays to you.

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  12. I am webwildink on twitter, and I got here by invitation from you. Thanks because I really enjoyed your writing skills. I majored in English in university and I like to comment on well written pieces.

    I strongly believe in paying children for doing well in school. My 4 boys were paid large sums of money, and they all told me to stop.

    I love your site and I will come back again.

  13. A little line I like to share:

    I am not interested in what kind of work you do, I really want to know what you ache for.

    I hope you like it.