Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Raising a Man or an Imposter?

Nobody really wants to raise a coward, chauvinist or swindler, but we’re crankin’ them out in droves.

The Muscle Man:  Flexes his muscles and makes sure everyone knows how important he is.
The Magician:  Magically disappears when any real work needs to be done. 
The Caboose:  Has his nose permanently attached to his boss’ crack. 
The Coward:  Goes to church on Sunday, and then cheats on his wife Monday night.
    How can I teach my son to be a man with integrity, honor and accountability when the world is littered with the opposite? 
The Article, Teaching teenage boys to respect women, reports, “In a world of raunchy music videos, sexually explicit video games, and (some) teenage girls growing up way faster than they should, it is very important to instill good values into your adolescent son.”
I agree.  But I think we can battle the bad influences.  Hell, I’m not saying I’m perfect or I have all the answers.  I just know the man I don’t want my son to be.
So here are some things I tell my son:
  • Don’t be a snitch.
    School rules support the idea that it’s honorable to tattle; Tell the truth and save yourself. 
    I tell my son, “Only snitch if the person is in danger, if what they are doing might hurt themselves or someone else.”
  • Be a Leader.
    Leaders don’t need followers; they just need an independent mind.
    I tell my son, “Take a look at someone you admire.  What makes them stand out? They don’t follow the crowd.  Remember, bossing other kids around doesn’t make you a leader.”
  • Be Accountable.
    Every now and then I screw up.  And when I do, the last thing I want to do is tell my kids.  But I fight my intense need to be right and say, “Sorry kids, Mom’s not perfect.”
  • Have Honor and Integrity.
    These can be challenging for a teen to grasp.  We watch movies that embody honor and integrity like: Scent of a Woman, Officer and a Gentlemen, Grand Torino and Witness.
How are you raising your future man?
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