Thursday, September 6, 2012

Confessions of a Dysfunctional Mother

I never claimed to be a perfect mom. 

Here are some of my mommy-confessions (some old ones too):
  • I never read to my toddlers.  Good mommies read to their babies, right?  Well, I fell asleep by page 3 - literally snoring on the playroom floor.  Three-year old crying, “Read Momma.”
  • I forgot about the kindergarten Halloween Parade.   That child walking the parade without a costume?  He was mine.
  • I taught the kids how to make prank calls.  Didn’t I read somewhere that prank calling helps children develop phone skills, reaction time and bi-lingual abilities?
  • My kids are late for school, again.   I pretend I don’t know what time it is, as I share a warm blueberry muffin with my teens in the local coffee shop.  I *know* – I’m horrible!
  • I taught the kids to forge my signature.  Have you seen the amount of paperwork that comes home in backpacks these days?  Now I don’t have to sign anything.  Hey… has anyone seen my checkbook?
I guess I can admit I’m not even trying to be perfect.  BUT, what I AM trying to do is raise some amazing, kind, intelligent, strong children.  Being myself seems to be working for now. 

My idea of a perfect Mom is one that’s not perfect at all.  My kids may disagree with me.  “Go get me a muffin, brats!”
What’s your confession?
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