Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Bath, a Book, a Cup of Tea

Tonight I reserve just for me
A bath, a book, a cup of tea
My day was spent just like the rest
Job and family, I do my best

Laundry, bills, some dishes too
Come, I’ll read that book to you
Dress-up time is always fun
Kids in bed, the day is done

Fast asleep my children lay
This I’ve waited for all day
To take some time to pamper me
My bath, my book, my cup of tea

To your bedside I am drawn
Touch your cheeks, how they are warm
Reaching down to kiss your hair
I close my eyes and say a prayer

Someday you’ll be grown up too
Now’s the time for me and you
So in the bed with you I lay
My bath can wait just one more day.
                                    - Buffi  2002

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