Monday, September 2, 2013

Dancin’ with Molly?

When I was sixteen, “dancin’ with Molly” meant you were watching the ending of Sixteen Candle’s. This week they were the censored lyrics in a song performed by the almost-naked Miley Cyrus at the VMA. I never thought I’d miss Hannah Montana.

When I was sixteen, graphic design meant you perfected a house on your Etch-A-Sketch and Mrs. Pac-Man was a modern chic.

When I was sixteen, a pool was guaranteed to be overflowing with any sweaty kid within a five mile radius. Today, sweat-free kids sit in their bedrooms sporting life-like guns on video games; the sound of “Marco-Polo” replaced with the voices of online strangers screaming obscenities after a good kill.

When I was sixteen, a season’s pass to an amusement park was reserved for the very rich or the stupidly spoiled. Today, unused season’s passes rot at the bottom of our kids’ Coach and Nike bags.

Yes, I long for the days when Rubik’s Cube was modern and Magic-Eight-Ball was my decision maker, but my teens force me to live in today’s world of Snap-Chat and iTunes. How do I cope? I force them to watch reruns of Colombo and The Odd Couple. Movies like Jaws and Rocky help bridge the gap from my sixteen to theirs.

And if all else fails, I grab my Coach Bag, buy the kids some $5 latte’s, and head over to the overpriced dine-in-theatre where we’ll watch a movie my parents still won’t let me see.

How are you coping with the new Molly?
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  1. I'm an old world mom... We don't do season passes or a lot of what I hear "all of the other kids" get and I intend to stay that way. If we make it to one water park a year, we've done well and you know what??? My kids appreciate each trip and look at them with anticipation! I demand high grades, respect and to KNOW where my kids are (ages 15 to 21 and even the oldest appreciates why). I'm good with old school and my kids frown on the way the "Mileys" of the world behave. We have our issues, but I'm proud that my kids see that there's something wrong with these behaviors (our biggest splurge is the expensive coffees here and there, too). :)

    1. Old World Mom - you've got it right and I think most of us know how to do that, but it's easier to give in to the modern ways. I commend you for teaching your kids true values. Thanks for reading!